How does this website work?

We present a new platform enabling direct contact between restorers. Colleagues can look for specialists in their industry and establish contact: for short-term assistance, for finding permanent staff and for professional cooperation of all kinds. Even institutions will be able to search for potential bidders and prepare or place tenders. (Optionally, you can receive contact requests anonymously, so you can decide when and for whom your details becomes visible.)

To take advantage of this offer, it is best to start by registering. Click on SIGN UP. Here you will find the item REGISTER NOW and after registering you can log in. This is possible within a few minutes.


Please enter all mandatory information (marked with *) in the appropriate fields. Remember your password;) – Then accept the terms and conditions with a check mark. If you are a restorer, then continue with the details of your degree. Three types of degree are accepted and we reserve the right to verify this information at any time. Please also enter your training institution, the year of your graduation and the year you started your career.

Almost done: Now you decide what type of search queries you will accept. You can decide if you are only available as an contractor, or for freelance work. Or would you like job offers for a permanent position? Of course, the combination of the three options is also possible. Do not forget your travel radius.

Finally and most importantly: add your subject/​s and do not forget your specialization/​s . Is your specialization not included? Then suggest them in the text line below. It will be added to the list after validation. Now you can click REGISTER. You will then receive an e-mail to your specified e-mail address with a share link. Only when you confirm this, will your profile will be created. Then log in with the e-mail address and your password.


After registering, you will have a good idea as to which criteria can be used to search our database. You are looking for restorers, filtered by distance, subject area and specialization and type of inquiry (contract award, freelance or permanent employment). – several subject areas are always combined with OR in the search. Several specializations as well. Subject area and specialization are combined with AND.

For example: Subject area search PAINTINGS + STAINED GLASS PAINTING (both considered, even if only one area applies). In addition, specialization search VALUATION + COLOUR EXAMINATION (both considered, even if only one area applies). For example, restorers will be found for PAINTINGS, which at the same time offer VALUATION. Or restorers for GLASS PAINTING, who at the same time offer COLOUR EXAMINATION surveys. Not found are restorers for PAINTINGS or GLASS PAINTING that do not do either specialization.

Subject area selection

If there are no restorers in the database that meet these combined parameters, no search results will be given. Instead, you will be informed about ways to extend the search result. The minimum criteria for a search are: location, distance and type of request. Subject area and Specialization are optional filters.

Search result

The result list shows you possible restorers, (some anonymously at first). Depending on the restorer you can see the type of degree, subject areas/​specializations, professional experience in years, and the approximate distance to the location (up to 100km, up to 250km, up to 500km).

I request contact

You can select individual restorers from the search result list (check mark) and formulate your request. Give the request a clear subject, which will help you and the respondent. In the tab HISTORY you can manage your request (s) in a list, here you can also see the answers of the targeted colleagues. If accepted, you will receive a positive response (with visible contact details, if the restorer was anonymous in the result list). You will be informed about replies via e-mail and on the HISTORY tab. If you are not accepted, you may not receive a reply – or a cancellation message. – Since you are not only searching, but also being searched for, it would be nice if the person being approached always sends a »not interested« message in the case of lack of interest or capacity. Then those requesting contact keep the overview and do not have to wait unnecessarily;)

I receive a request for contact

You will be informed by e-mail that a request matching your competencies has been received. Log on to and go to the tab INQUIRY INBOX. You can read the request (the inquirer is visible to you with a clear name) and decide whether you want to express your interest and send your contact details, or if you want to decline. You can always add a comment. – You can also ignore a request. It would be nice, however, if you always send a »not interested« reply. Then those requesting contact keep the overview and do not have to wait unnecessarily;)

I am asked, but consider the contents dubious

It is possible to report the request as SPAM (for example, repeated attempts to advertise products or services). We then check the process.